Terms of Use Agreement

The following terms and conditions are an agreement between us, (“we”; “https://actinera.com”; “Actinera Beauty Inc.”) and the user (“the user”; “you”).

By using our website, actinera.com or social media pages, the user agrees to the following terms of use. Failure to follow the terms of use reserves the right for Actinera Beauty Inc. to limit a user’s access to the website or social media pages via IP blacklisting or other means necessary.

1. This terms of use agreement are enforced in accordance with the laws of the state of California. A dispute will be governed within the full force of the county of Santa Clara, California. If any part of these terms of use is found invalid, the invalid part will be dissociated and the remainder of this terms of use will remain in force.
2. If you disagree with any part of this terms of use agreement, your only recourse is to exit this website.
3. This terms of use, as well as other legal notices posted on this website and related social media pages, constitute an agreement between you and with us in regards to this website and its entire content.

Our website is for personal and non-commercial use unless Actinera Beauty Inc. has otherwise specified in writing. Actinera.com reserves the right to terminate any user at any time for any reason. We reserve the right and responsibility to have full discretion and discernment over this process.

Limitation of liability

We strive to keep information and materials on our website updated and accurate at all times. With this in mind, it is possible that our website contains errors and/or outdated information. Therefore, we do not make any warranty or guarantee about the completeness or accuracy of information on this website, social media pages or external third party pages.

User-generated content such as images and videos are protected under this terms of use agreement however, we cannot guarantee 100% protection over third parties reusing this content against the bounds of this agreement. We do our best to protect this content, however, offer no warranty or guarantee other than stated in this terms of use. For these reasons, we cannot guarantee exclusive public security when this content is uploaded publicly by a user.

Comments and reviews posted on actinera.com or on our social media pages are moderated by our staff, however, we cannot guarantee 100% omission of offensive material. While we do our best, some user-generated comments, reviews or other material may offend some users and we cannot offer any guarantee. We reserve the right to review, delete or edit any comment, review or image at any time for any reason when posted on actinera.com or related pages.

Using this website

Our website and content have been created for personal and non-commercial use. By using our website and browsing our content, the user agrees fully to access the services under law-abiding circumstances. The user is bound by the restrictions in this terms of use and any other restrictions stated within the copy, images or downloadable content on actinera.com and associated social media pages.

Harassment is not tolerated on this website or related social media pages. Racial comments, bullying or any other type of abusive activity to other users is strictly forbidden under this terms of use. This includes both users and employees of Actinera Beauty Inc. We reserve the right to terminate any user who does not follow the bounds of this strict rule.

By using this website and accessing the content, you agree not to publish or distribute malware, viruses or Trojans. You may not upload content that is defamatory, offensive, obscene or invasive of another’s privacy. The user may not upload pirated or illegal content subject to copyright laws. Users may not upload any content to market or solicit others on actinera.com and social media pages. Any third party marketing content or personal content for soliciting others will be explicitly moderated and banned from the servers. You may not solicit other user’s emails or contact information or post your own contact information publicly. Actinera Beauty Inc. respects the privacy of all users and you may view our privacy policy for more information on these rules. All users of this website must agree to our privacy policy as part of this terms of use agreement.

Users responsibilities

The information on our Web site may include material that is inappropriate for you.
Although we try to make our content inoffensive too all users, it is possible that a user may find it inappropriate. By using our website, social media pages and affiliated websites, the user understands that they are browsing and using the website at their own risk. We are not responsible for any of the content is offensive to the user. This includes but is not limited to content generated or uploaded by other users on our website.

By using our website you accept the responsibly for:

– determining if the content will meet your needs
– understanding the technical requirements to adequately meet the connection to our website.
– determining the legal rights to submit or post information on our website.
– understanding the requirements of intellectual property copyright and trademark laws.
– full compliance with others privacy rights, as well as the users, own rights and responsibilities.

You must agree to all of these terms or you should exit this website immediately.
You agree that the use of our services is at your own risk. You are solely responsible for the content of your messages and may be held legally liable or accountable for the content of your messages.


All users of Actinera.com must be at least 18 years of age to be considered an adult. Users of the website and social media pages must check “18 years or older” to purchase and by agreeing to browse the website and content, the user confirms they are over 18 years of age.
Users under 18 years of age and above 13 years of age must have parental or guardianship consent to be eligible to use this website or to subscribe to our services. Users who are under 13 years of age are not eligible to use our content or services and must leave the website and social pages immediately.

Content Submissions

Users may submit a video, testimonial or photograph to our Instagram and Facebook pages for Actinera.com (owned by Actinera Beauty Inc.). By submitting this type of user-based content, you give Actinera Beauty Inc. the permission to reuse and display this content to other viewers on our website or social media. This content remains the property of the user at all times, with the exception of Actinera Beauty Inc. to use it in regards to displaying on actinera.com or respective social media pages. At any time, the original user who is the owner of the digital content may contact us to remove this content from our servers. We will not use this type of user-generated content for any other purpose other than to display it on our website and social media pages. If the content is posted on our page, Actinera Beauty Inc. is not responsible for any third party maliciously stealing or re-using these images. Any third-party who does this is violating our terms of use and privacy policy.

By submitting a testimony, image or photograph, the owner and user are responsible to ensure that the content is not vulgar, racist or offensive in any way to any group or individual. This applies to both direct and implied means of how the content is interpreted. The user also agrees that this uploaded content does not contain any damaging programs or viruses that may affect actinera.com and other users. By applying this content to Actinera Beauty Inc., the user agrees that the content is fully lawful and that they have the full legal right to owning it, or otherwise have the permission of the rightful owner to reuse it. The user agrees to these terms and confirms that the content is not subject to an illegal copyright or trademark infringement. It’s the user’s responsibility to confirm this. This rule also applies to personal photographs and videos. The uploading user confirms that they are not a minor and that they are the individual in that photo or that they have the permission of that individual to post it.

Intellectual property

The content in its entirety on actinera.com and social media pages are subject to copyright and trademark law. This includes the entire content, images, text, designs, logo and any other elements related to the specific pages. All of the above is the property of Actinera Beauty Inc. A user may not reuse or reproduce this content without the strict written permission of Actinera Beauty Inc.

All trademarks/service marks, registered or not, are collectively owned by Actinera Beauty Inc. All transmission or reproduction is strictly prohibited and illegal without written permission. Any illegal infringement of his transmission or reproduction will be enforced within the bounds of the law. In select circumstances, transmission of this information is allowed but the user or entity must have written consent from Actinera Beauty Inc.

Third-party websites

Actinera.com and related social media pages may link out to other websites either directly or indirectly. By clicking on these links, the user acknowledges that the content within these third-party sites may not be owned by Actinera Beauty Inc. Opinions, views and policies on these websites may not represent the opinions of Actinera Beauty Inc. By using our website, the user understands and accepts the responsibility of knowing these third-party websites policies and rules. Actinera Beauty Inc. is not responsible.

Websites linked to from actinera.com or related social pages does not imply that we endorse or are affiliated with these linked pages. We do appreciate feedback that we receive about these third party sites that may be offensive or concerning to a user in any way.