Step By Step Instructions For Using Charcoal Powder To Whiten The Teeth
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Step By Step Instructions For Using Charcoal Powder To Whiten The Teeth

Step 1 – Pour The Content Into A Bowl

Most companies sell charcoal powder in the form of a capsule since it is meant for ingesting orally.

  • The first step to using charcoal powder to whiten the teeth is to simply twist the capsule or pull it apart carefully.
  • Pour the contents of the capsule in a tiny bowl.
  • Make sure the quantity is enough for you to dip the toothbrush in.

Step 2 – Wet The Toothbrush Thoroughly

  • Take your toothbrush, place it under the tap, and run some water on it.
  • Make sure it’s wet enough.
  • The idea is to get the powder to stick with the bristles. However, make sure not to wet the brush so much that the water drips off the brush.

Step 3 – Dip The Brush in Powder

  • Next, you would need to dip your toothbrush into the powder you poured into the bowl.
  • Turn over the brush and press lightly into the powder.
  • The more you get on the bristles, the better. Try and cover all the bristles with charcoal powder.

Step 4 – Brush For Two To Three Minutes

  • There is no special technique for how to brush when using charcoal powder. You can brush normally as you would every other day.
  • A quick note here – the charcoal may seem a little powdery at first in terms of texture. Just wait until it dissolves and turns pasty for that feeling to go away.

Step 5 – Spit In A Cup

  • Do not spit in the sink because dealing with charcoal can get messy real soon. That’s why it is advised to avoid spitting directly into the sink.
  • You should instead use a cup to spit in periodically while you are brushing.
  • As gross as it may seem, this is actually a neater and cleaner way of dealing with the mess in the end. Just a little side note.

Step 6 – Rinse Your Mouth

  • When you are done brushing, make sure to rinse your mouth with water thoroughly. Do it until the charcoal is completely gone off your teeth.
  • It may take a while to rinse out the charcoal, but the powder should be gone after a couple of rinses.

Step 7 – Use Baby Wipes To Clean The Sink

  • After you have thoroughly brushed and rinsed your mouth, it’s time to clean the sink.
  • The best way is to grab baby wipes and clean off the surface to be rid of any residual powder left on the sink.

Step 8 – Repeat This Process For At Least Three To Five Days

  • For best results, you need to keep using powdered charcoal for at least 3-5 days before you noticing any visible results.
  • Be sure not to use it for a couple of months after this.


Final Thoughts

Doctors have long been using activated charcoal in the form of capsules and pills to help rid the body of toxins. It is a great absorbent that sucks all the undesirable substances and helps move them out of the body.

The same principle applies to its use for teeth whitening.

It draws out toxins and stains (which are a result of drinking coffee, tea, coloured beverages, and basically everyday food).

Visiting a dentist can be a pricey affair.

Using activated charcoal is a more natural, holistic, eco-friendly, and pocket-friendly way of getting pearly white teeth.

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