Our Privacy Policy

Information we collect

  • The information you give us willingly in a contact form, request or a purchase.
  • Information we collect when you contact us, use our social media pages, subscribe or purchase our products.
  • Information we get from other companies such as advertisers who you have willingly shared your information with.

We may use this information and data in order to assist in bringing our customers better products and services.

  • To send you correspondence about your product or to send relevant information to you about products or services you may be interested in.
  • To better analyze how we can better serve you and other customers and users.

How we share your information

  • Only if we have your consent, we may send you offers and promotions about our products and services. You can opt out or exclude yourself from this at any time.
  • We may share this data with other companies to help analyze trends and customer behaviour so that we can better serve you and other customers. This data will not be used commercially by these other companies and with not be used anywhere outside the operational activity of actinera.com
  • To assist us in preventing fraud and intellectual property theft.
  • Under the law, if authorities request this specific information.

How we collect your information

We collect information in a variety of ways. Some of the information we collect includes personal information that may identify you. For example, email, first and last names, telephone numbers, shipping address and billing addresses.

You may provide this information directly to us by signing up for an account on actinera.com or by opting into an email subscription list. You also provide it to us when you place an order directly on our website.

We may collect information about browsing activity when you enter our website. We monitor this via browser cookies which helps analyze the IP address of the visitor behaviour, location and from what external source the visitor came from. The visitor can block this monitoring by disabling it within the internet browser they are using.

We might receive your information from third party companies that legally share it with us. For instance, you may have subscribed to a third party website or service that sends you offers to other companies’ sales and promotions. This information is only used by us under the assumption that consent was given to the third party website or service.

How we use your information

We use the information in ways helpful and relevant to the operation and service of actinera.com. We do not use this information for any purpose or operation outside of actinera.com. Contact information is used to respond to requests or to send approved offers and promotions if the user subscribed to them. We use non-personal information such as cookies and browsing activity to help monitor the usage and functionality of our website so that we can better improve our products and services.

Cookie information is used to monitor the browsing activity of users so that we can monitor activity on actinera.com. This helps us understand if a specific page is offering benefit to our users and visitors. We analyze email subscribers, contact form requests and customer order update emails to see how these are performing and to ensure that users and customers are getting the proper service they are opting for.

We do not share your personal information such as email, name and contact information with any other third party that is unrelated to the service and operation of actinera.com. This information is fully secure and protected under our privacy policy and can only be shared or used when the customer states so. Personal information is only collected when the customer gives their consent to actinera.com through a sign-up, form or purchase.

If a user or customer enters our Facebook or Instagram pages, we may use the analytic software on Facebook and other social media platforms. This information is used strictly for user analysis and/or for marketing purposes relating to the use and operation of actinera.com.

We may use pixels which are specific lines of code that track social media profiles of visitors on actinera.com. These profiles are used to serve social media and other types of advertisements through the specific platforms. As with cookies, the user or visitor can block these in their internet browsers. If an advertisement is served through social media, the advertisement can be blocked or removed by the settings in the social media platform. We will not spam or be aggressive in our marketing through social media re-targeting and honor any requests for a user to be removed from a specific platform.

In every circumstance above, we honor and protect all of the information we collect from users and customers. We always collect the least amount of information possible in order to better serve you and other customers and users of our website. The ways we use information will always be related to the operation of actinera.com and marketing activities based within. Under no circumstances will we share with anyone or any company outside of these relations unless ordered by a relevant court of law or subpoena.

How we protect your information

We respect every user’s personal information. With this respect, we take steps to safeguard it from any malicious third-party use, theft or alteration. We use technology to protect and encrypt this data. Information stored and transmitted on our website is encrypted and protected on both the transmission and storage side. Our server and website are managed by our IT team who makes use of server and browser security software and programs to prevent illegal theft by third-party attackers. We make use of firewalls, IP-blocking and malicious user detection. Our staff and team are limited in how they can view or access your information and it is stored securely on servers and third-party programs with strong passwords and security policies.

Your privacy rights

You have the rightful ownership and authority to delegate how and if we use your personal information at all times. At any time you can request for us to stop sending emails or communication with you. If you receive email or texts from us, you can unsubscribe by following the directions in the communication. You can also reach out to a member of our team if you want us to do this for you. If you see advertisements from us on social media, you have the right to block our ads through the platform you are using or to ask us to remove you.

When you make an order or create an account on actinera.com you have given us the ability to access and store your information. If you live in the EU, you can ask us to remove or edit this data. If you live outside of the EU, you can also make a request for us to change or remove outdated information. Information stored in your account contains personal data and recent order history. Unless otherwise specified by you, we do not use or transmit this data for purposes outside of storing your information for your viewing.

If you used the contact form on actinera.com or on one of our social media pages, you have given us the right to contact you with regards to that request. You have also given us access to the information you supplied including your email. We will not send you requests to that email unrelated to that request or correspondence unless either:

a) You asked for us too.
b) You have already subscribed to our email subscription.

With regards to cookies, pixels and other types of browsing monitoring activity, we always do our best to collect the least amount of personal information possible. It is your right to control who sees your browsing activity at any time and you can control how this is visible within the internet browser you are using under the browsers security settings.

Cookies and pixels

Cookies are small files embedded within your internet browser. Cookies store information when you interact with websites. The cookies can show user information such as, IP location, general demographic area, country, device, browser used, which pages were visited and from what third-party URL the visitor came from or left to. We make use of this available information to monitor internet traffic as a whole so that we can analyze trends and monitor how users interact on our website.

We make use of 2 types of cookies known as a session and analytics cookies. The session cookies help to store information on our website so that when the user returns from the same browser, the information will be remembered for them. For instance, if they wish to save their password to their browser for their account login, or they added some products to the cart, then the browser may store a session so when they return it is more user-friendly. Session cookies are only available on the exact device and browser the user was visiting on prior. Analytic cookies are used for the analysis of web traffic on actinera.com as a whole.

You can control how we use both cookies and pixels within your browser security settings. Stored cookies on your browser can be deleted at any time.

If you have questions, comments or concerns about any part of this privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form at any time.