Peachy Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening
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Peachy Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening

Peachy is a one-stop online destination for all things personal care. One of their more popular products is the Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening which is an all-natural teeth whitening solution that promises to breathe new life into your smile. Aside from that, the brand claims that their organic formulation can freshen your breath and improve gum health.

With lots of positive reviews and such high demand for this particular product, you might find yourself wondering – does it really meet expectations? Learn more about Peachy’s teeth whitening solution with our comprehensive review.


  • 100% natural formulation uses all organic ingredients
  • Helps prevent and resolve bad breath
  • Cleans away stains and debris to reveal whiter teeth
  • Reduces the risk for developing cavities
  • Promotes good gum health


  • The activated charcoal has a strong bitter taste that makes the experience of using it a little unpleasant.

A Simple Solution with Straightforward Appeal

The Peachy Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder uses a no-frills packaging with minimalist appeal. The 30 gram tub contains enough powder to last up to 2 months or more, depending on how often you practice the teeth whitening process.

The packaging is simple and plain – perhaps a little too plain. You’ll notice that it doesn’t display any information about the brand, the product, or the ingredients it contains. If you’re particularly discriminating about the products you use, this can make it tough to discern the safety and efficacy of the powder at a glance.

An Organic Mystery Blend

It would have been nice to have a complete list of the ingredients used for the formulation, but the brand fails to outline what it contains. It does reassure buyers though that the powder is 100% natural and organic, boasting a blend of ingredients that help whiten the teeth, improve oral health, and prevent decay and cavities.

Unfortunately, the brand fails to let its buyers know exactly what ingredients make up their unique ‘blend’. What we do know though is that it doesn’t contain any menthol or citrus to mask the bitterness of the charcoal.

A Suitable Agent for Oral Detox

According to the brand, their product can be used as an initial means for oral detox. Using the charcoal powder exclusively as a toothpaste substitute for the first week can help eliminate most of the harmful bacteria, plaque, and debris that may exist in your mouth.

After the detox process is complete, you can resume your regular oral hygiene routine. Incorporating the use of this charcoal powder as an occasional dental care solution can help prevent stains and plaque build-up.

How to Use Peachy Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening

The directions for using this charcoal powder for teeth whitening are similar to most other products on the market. First, dampen your toothbrush. Make sure it’s not soaking wet or dripping.

Next, dust the bristles lightly with the charcoal by dabbing it into the powder. Tap the brush to remove any excess. Then, brush your teeth as you usually would, moving gently and deliberately.

After 2 minutes of brushing, let the charcoal sit for 2-3 minutes to absorb the debris on your teeth. Rinse with clean water and then brush with your regular toothpaste. If you’re going for an oral detox, brush exclusively with the charcoal for 1 week.

Final Thoughts

The strong bitter taste of the Peachy Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder might seem overwhelming. But the formulation’s potent effects for oral health and dental care makes it a small price to pay. So if you want to achieve that red carpet smile, make sure to give Peachy’s formula a try.

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