Mr. Blanc Teeth Bamboo Charcoal Whitening Polish
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Mr. Blanc Teeth Bamboo Charcoal Whitening Polish

Most charcoal whitening products formulated for the teeth contain coconut charcoal. But not Mr. Blanc Teeth. As one of the products leveraging bamboo charcoal, this formulation might be able to provide you benefits that other products might not be able to offer. The thick, tar-like consistency is thicker than most other toothpaste products. And the product works more as a polish than a toothpaste, perfect for buyers who want to add to their routine instead of simply replacing their regular fluoride toothpaste.

If anything, the Mr. Blanc Teeth formula breaks out of the mold and works differently compared to the standard charcoal toothpastes you’ll find. So is this unique product worth the money, or does it fall short of expectations? Learn about it here.


  • Prevents tartar build up
  • Eases away plaque and other debris
  • Low abrasion index makes it gentle on the teeth and gums
  • Leaves a minty fresh feeling in the mouth for hours after use
  • Whitens your smile almost instantly – see results after your first use
  • ‘Polishes’ your smile to reveal smooth, shiny teeth on top of whitening them
  • Uses premium bamboo charcoal as opposed to coconut charcoal – ideal for users with unique sensitivities


  • Can’t be used as a toothpaste substitute

Polishes and Whitens Teeth for a Radiant Smile

There are several reasons why your teeth might not look as great as you want them to. The first is their texture. Rugged, rough teeth surfaces can tarnish your smile, making it look dull and tired. Second, plaque, tartar, and debris build-up can layer your teeth with stains. These two factors together can seriously affect the quality of your grin, making it look yellow and unpleasant.

The Mr. Blanc Teeth formula promises to address both of these issues. As a charcoal polish, the product removes surface debris and clears away built up plaque to reveal the smooth, white surfaces of your teeth. The formulation uses premium bamboo charcoal with finer granules that coconut, so the product doesn’t damage your enamel. Instead, the refined texture works like tiny beads, easing away surface toxins to polish your smile and brighten the way it looks.

Minty Fresh Taste That Stays

Charcoal on its own can taste bitter and unpleasant. That’s why one of the biggest challenges that brands face when trying to formulate charcoal whitening products is the taste. Covering up the bitterness can help make the product easier to use. And in effect, this allows buyers to stick to their whitening routine.

In terms of taste, the Mr. Blanc Teeth formula has it perfected. Their polish offers a light, lasting minty flavor that’s pleasant on the taste buds. The menthol successfully keeps the bitterness at bay, allowing you to enjoy a brushing experience that’s not too different from the one that you’ve gotten used to.

Prevents Stains All Together

It’s one thing to remove stains, and another to prevent them. Most products promise to remove existing stains, but fail to do anything to prevent them from happening in the future. The Mr. Blanc Teeth formula however promises to keep your teeth protected against future staining. The solution leaves an invisible film over the surface of your enamel, absorbing debris and other stain-causing material and keeping them from settling on the teeth.

How to Use Mr. Blanc Teeth Bamboo Charcoal Whitening Polish

Take a pea-sized amount and apply it to your toothbrush. Brush gently and deliberately, ensuring to address the problem areas of your smile. Leave the product to absorb any debris or plaque for 3-5 minutes and the gargle and rinse with clean water. Remember, the polish can’t replace your regular toothpaste. Incorporate the product into your dental care routine twice daily and don’t forget to brush with regular toothpaste afterwards.

Final Thoughts

Is the Mr. Blanc Teeth Bamboo Charcoal Whitening Polish worth it? Promising to clear away debris, whiten your smile, and smoothen your teeth, this mild bamboo charcoal polish can be a great choice. With its unique blend and intuitive formulation, this product can help improve your dental care routine to bring out the best in your smile.

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