Infinitive Beauty Rise and Shine Teeth Whitening Powder
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Infinitive Beauty Rise and Shine Teeth Whitening Powder

On your hunt for the best activated charcoal teeth whitening solution, it’s possible that you may have stumbled upon the Infinitive Beauty Rise and Shine Teeth Whitening Powder. This all-natural teeth whitening product promises to improve your smile, support gum health, and cleanse your mouth for a complete oral care experience.

Of course, with such bold claims, you might be wondering – does it actually work? Here’s what we found out.


  • All organic formulation minimizes the risk of side effects and adverse reactions.
  • Pleasant taste helps manage the bitterness of charcoal for a more enjoyable teeth whitening experience.
  • Made from premium coconut shell and high quality organic ingredients.
  • Immediate results upon initial use.
  • Vegan formulation is 100% cruelty-free.
  • Effective formulation can significantly improve your smile after one week of use.


  • Much smaller than other teeth whitening charcoal powders.
  • The container may be a little stubborn and resistive.
  • Watch out! The small tin may be full to the brim – open with caution to prevent spills.

Powerful Effects in a Tiny Package

If there’s one thing you’ll notice when you first hold the product in your hand is that it’s pretty tiny. The small tin contains just 15 grams of charcoal in weight, making it a nifty little pocket-friendly size.

The tin itself can look sleek and appealing, but it pays to know that it isn’t the easiest thing to open. Because the small container is rather full at first, the stubborn lid may cause a bit of a mess.

An All Organic Blend of Ingredients

The activated charcoal used in the formulation comes from coconut shell, which is said to be one of the best sources for activated carbon. This main active ingredient is mixed in with mentha piperita oil, and piperita leaf extract. These two ingredients add a zesty-mint flavor that definitely enhances the whitening experience.

Instant Results After the First Use

While most other charcoal products for teeth whitening promise results after at least a week of regular use, the Infinitive Beauty charcoal powder promises subtle changes after just one use. Regular daily cleansing with the powder can give new life to your tired smile after 7 days.

Impressive Cleansing Properties

If you’ve ever tried gliding your tongue over the surface of your teeth, you probably know how rough they can be. The Infinitive Beauty Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder promises to resolve that. It’s gently abrasive texture works away plaque and debris that might have accumulated on your teeth.

Brushing with regular toothpaste after using the charcoal powder can reveal a noticeable shine that can definitely improve the quality of your smile.

How to Use Infinitive Beauty Teeth Whitening Charcoal

Much like most other charcoal powders for whitening teeth, using the Infinitive Beauty powder is pretty simple. Just dab your damp toothbrush into the powder and dust off the excess. Brush gently over the surfaces of your teeth, making sure not to apply too much pressure.

Brush for at least 2 minutes or until you’ve covered all the necessary areas of your teeth and gums. Let it sit for 30 seconds to a minute, and rinse with clean water. For best results, brush with regular fluoride toothpaste to remove any charcoal residue.

Final Thoughts

If you were hoping to bump up your smile quality, then consider a tin of Infinitive Beauty’s Rise and Shine Teeth Whitening Powder. Vegan, organic, and made from all natural ingredients, this premium quality charcoal powder makes it easy to achieve the perfect smile. Its zesty mint flavor also helps relieve the bitterness of charcoal, allowing you to enjoy every step of the whitening process.

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