In Review: VivaDoria Activated Charcoal Powder Products
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In Review: VivaDoria Activated Charcoal Powder Products

These days, a lot of people assume activated charcoal can easily be identified as black stuff seen in one’s barbecue grill. That’s never the case at all. In fact, the process of making activated charcoal is completely different.

While it’s no surprise that there is a myriad of benefits that come with living a healthy life, the presence of alternative health products is something new for most people.

Different Uses

There has been plenty of talk about activated charcoal and its ability to absorb all toxins in the body and how it functions as an “internal” cleanser. But those new to the world of activated charcoal will realize that it can be used in the form of a facial cleanser, facial mask, and for whitening teeth.

Charcoal can be utilized as an all-in-one product for many things and many have already fallen in love with its results. In fact, the substance has been used as a supplement for treating a wide range of health conditions. It has the potential to lower bad cholesterol levels, treat accidental poisonings, lessen gas, and improve the function of kidneys.

However, studies that support these benefits aren’t as strong. A majority of benefits linked to using activated charcoal hasn’t received much support from the medical research community. One should keep this in mind when deciding as to whether or not they should try activated charcoal.

Viva Doria Activated Charcoal Powder

Viva Doria manufactures a wide range of beauty products. Among them is the Viva Doria Activated Charcoal Powder. The product can be used for a number of things: as a facial cleanser, as a mask, and for whitening teeth.

As a Facial Cleanser

To use the product, start mixing some olive oil with lukewarm water. When the mixture is completed, it will appear like an “oil spill” ready for facial application.

Spread the mixture all over the face. Then apply the product and rub all over the facial skin. The combination of both the product, oil, and water will feel like a facial scrub. The charcoal does its job by attaching to the toxins that clog the pores. These toxins are the ones that trigger acne and inflammation.

Take note: when using this product, one will realize it’ll take a bit of time to wash and dry the face. If one doesn’t mind this, then it’s excellent for use before going to work.

As a Facial Mask

Like other facial masks in the market, the product can be utilized as a facial mask. In doing so, it can effectively unblock clogged pores and promote a smooth and healthy skin. Making a facial mask is easy enough to do. But it may seem a little strange at first.

In making a facial mask, mix a bit of the Viva Doria Activated Charcoal Powder with a non-toxic glue (a child’s glue is good enough). Understand that the mixture should be really moist. So that means having more glue than the charcoal content. Also avoid making the mixture to be too dry since this can lead one to remove the task in bits of pieces (which can take forever to do).

When the mixture is finished, utilize an unused or new makeup brush so it can be applied all over the face. Take note: avoid spreading the mixture on areas where there’s thick hair (ex. eyebrows, eyelashes, and etc). Otherwise, the mixture will stick to the hairs and it will be painful to pull out.

Once the mixture is applied, it’ll have a thick and shiny appearance once it settles. Some thin spots all over the mask will be noticeable.

Recoat the spots, avoid adding too much on since it can take some time to completely dry. Leave the mixture on the face for around half an hour or so or until the mask has completely dried.

As the mask is being pulled off, both skin impurities and dead skin will be removed. When the mask is fully removed, the skin will feel moisturized, clean, and refreshed.

As a Teeth Whitener

Viva Doria Activated Charcoal Powder can be used to brush one’s teeth. The first is to use the product right out of the bottle. Wet the toothbrush. Take some of the powder and dip the brush with it. Begin brushing.

Not to worry, the product is tasteless. But understand that it can make one’s mouth dry. After appearing as if one has mouthful of the mixture, let it sit on the teeth for a minute or two. Then rinse.

It may take a bit of time to remove the blank gunk from the mouth. It’s advisable to rinse the mouth several times and then brushing with regular toothpaste. Don’t forget to also include the tongue since it’ll also be black.

Brushing with activated charcoal can take a bit more time in removing charcoal from one’s mouth. So, be patient.

Final Thoughts

Viva Doria Activated Charcoal Powder is an amazing product. It can eradicate harmful chemicals and other unnecessary components from the body. It can be used to whiten teeth and clean the skin.

The process utilized for whitening teeth can be used with or without the toothpaste. For those who want to take their time in brushing their teeth before going to work, this product can make a great oral-cleaning companion. If not, then it’s advised to stray from the product when waking up in the morning.

Using the product as a facial mask can be a bit strange especially when it involves painting one’s face with glue. One will surely feel refreshed and clean. Remember to not get any charcoal stains on your clothes!

As a facial scrub, it may depend vary from one user to the next. But it’s recommended to use a product like Viva Doria Activated Charcoal Powder. So, if one needs a clean and refreshing skin while feeling great overall this product is the best.

If one is looking for a charcoal-based product that’s affordable and expensive, then Viva Doria Activated Charcoal Powder is the way to go.

Lastly, keep in mind that one’s skin is related not only on what’s being applied on the skin, but also on one’s diet. If one is eating junk food, the negative results will obviously show up on the skin.

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