How to Treat Chin Blackheads
How to Treat Chin Blackheads

Chin blackheads are annoying because of two things. One, they unsightly to look at and ruins your goal of a complete, flawless look. Second, they keep coming back twice as much every time you remove them. Here’s how to treat chin blackheads and prevent them from multiplying out of control.

Avoid squeezing out blackheads

Let’s face it. It’s highly satisfying to see that blackhead ooze and pop out from your chin. No matter how high the pain scale is from the pressure, nothing compares to the relief of removing that thing that mars your face. However, did you notice that gaping hole left behind when you pop out the blackhead? That’s the pore that coddled your blackhead.

Leaving that gap open means there’s a place for oil, dead skin, and dirt to hide into. Since the blackhead was forced out with pressure without preparing your skin, the pore increased in size and became irritated. Another bigger blackhead will form in its place, plus another in the surrounding pores that got disturbed in the process.

Exfoliate your skin

The surface of your skin contains dead skin layers that slough off regularly. However, when these dead skin cells accumulate on the skin, they go deep into our pores and mix with sebum. You get that characteristic blackened top when the oil and dead skin cells oxidize.

You can exfoliate your skin using over-the-counter exfoliants to help treat and reduce chin blackheads. The less amount of dead skin cells, the more you limit breakouts.

Scrutinize your makeup

Your favorite foundation does well in hiding blackheads and other blemishes from your skin. However, have you thought of how much oil your makeup product contains? Although it’s true that oily foundation does better coverage and gives you that fine sheen of skin perfection, it can cause pore blockage that leads to blackheads.

Inspect the ingredients and try to look for comedogenic ingredients that cause acne breakouts. Think twice if your makeup brand contains:

  • Isopropyl isostearate
  • Isopropyl myristate
  • Sodium and Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Fragrance
  • Acetylated lanolin

Avoid these ingredients as much as possible. Also, there are other oils best for facial skin that won’t cause blockage yet still provide that all-day moisture that your skin is looking for.

Use natural ingredients

Before you head out to try over-the-counter remedies, try using natural ingredients that are known to help treat chin blackheads. Such ingredients include:

  • Baking soda – good for exfoliating dead skin cells. It also buffers your skin’s natural pH, limiting the production of oil. Add a bit of water to a tablespoon of baking soda to make a paste. Apply on your chin and leave for 10 minutes before rinsing.
  • Lemon juice – has alpha-hydroxy acid, a natural astringent that removes dead skin. It’s rich in Vitamin C that helps stimulate collagen production to lessen scarring. Dab lemon juice using a cotton ball after cleansing. Leave for 10 minutes and rinse away with cold water.
  • Honey – another excellent natural antiseptic that helps remove impurities that clog your pores. It also hydrates the skin, making it feel smoother and softer. Dab warm (not hot) honey on your chin and let it stay for 10 minutes. Remove using a warm, damp cloth.
  • Oatmeal – blackheads can still form on dry skin. Oatmeal helps remove blackheads while leaving your skin soft and moisturized. Cook the oatmeal in distilled water according to package instructions. Let it cool down to room temperature and apply on your chin. Wait 10-20 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water.
  • Activated charcoal – a highly adsorbent material that is capable of drawing out toxins, dirt, oil, and other impurities from your skin, including dead skin cells. It’s an excellent exfoliant that penetrates deep and can carry hold particles 1000 times its weight. It also has anti-bacterial properties that can help prevent blackheads from getting infected and form pimples.

How to treat chin blackheads with activated charcoal

You can use activated charcoal in three different ways to help remove chin blackheads.

  1. Soap – if you have dry, sensitive skin we recommend using Actinera® Charcoal Dead Sea Mud Bar. It contains activated charcoal as well as Dead Sea mud that gently cleanses your skin without causing much irritation.
  2. Facial wash – highly recommended if you have oily skin. Actinera® Bamboo Charcoal Face Wash contains citric acid and peppermint leaf extract that helps strip away sebum and dead skin layer.
  3. Peel off mask – activated charcoal peel off mask helps take out blackheads and whiteheads from your pores. It penetrates deep, effectively removing blackheads from that are hiding inside your pores. Remember to steam your face for 15-20 minutes to open your pores before applying Actinera® Deep Pore-Suction Mask. Let it dry completely and gently peel off the mask going from the chin and up to prevent causing trauma on your skin. Rinse off any remaining mask with cold water gently pat dry. Moisturize with hyaluronic acid and close your pores with a toner. This will help prevent blackheads from forming immediately.

You can treat blackheads using simple ingredients you find at home. The secret on how to treat chin blackheads lies on how you remove them and your after-care. Make sure to prep your skin before treating chin blackheads, and remember to close your pores.

Which natural remedy have you tried to treat chin blackheads? Which one works for you? How did your skin feel after using Actinera® skin care products? Please share your experience with us in the comment section!

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