How to Brush Teeth with Charcoal Powder
How to Brush Teeth with Charcoal Powder

You finally got your Actinera® Activated Charcoal Pearly Powder, yahoo! You immediately head to the bathroom and open the container and then stare blankly at the dark powder in your hands and think: “How on earth am I supposed to use this amazing product to whiten my teeth?” We’ll teach you step by step how to use it easily so you can gain confidence in using it on a regular basis.

Things you’ll need

Prepare the following first before you start to brush your teeth with activated charcoal:

  • Your activated charcoal powder
  • Soft bristled toothbrush – really important you get the softest that you can get because the activated charcoal powder is grainy.
  • Extra clean toothbrush and toothpaste – this is to remove excess powder from the crevices of your teeth as well as your tongue.
  • A glass of water for gargling
  • Another receptacle for spitting – activated charcoal can stain your sink. Unless you’re a sharpshooter with your spit on the drain, use the receptacle, so you don’t have to clean up afterward.
  • Towel or splash guard to protect your clothes from stains

Once you’re ready, it’s time to have some fun cleaning your teeth!

How to brush teeth with charcoal powder

  1. Optional: place the towel on your chest help keep splash stains away from your clothes.
  2. Wet the toothbrush by dipping it inside your glass of water. Tap out excess moisture. You need it to be wet enough to grab the activated charcoal powder, but not too wet that you drip water in the container.
  3. Open the Actinera® Activated Charcoal Pearly Powder and lightly dab the toothbrush to get some product. Just like toothpaste, you need about a dab sized amount on your brush.
  4. Brush the activated charcoal on your teeth with gentle, sweeping, and circular strokes. Be careful when you’re brushing along the gum line as activated charcoal can irritate sensitive gums.
  5. Brush your teeth gently for about a minute or two before gargling and spitting it out in a receptacle.
  6. Use the separate toothbrush and toothpaste to clean out remaining activated charcoal. Be mindful of your tongue.
  7. Spit out and gargle. Remember to rinse your toothbrushes when you’re done.

Now that was easy, wasn’t eat? It’s way better than pinching the powder and painstakingly sprinkling it on your toothbrush. Always remember to use activated charcoal specifically for teeth whitening since it’s a fine powder and less abrasive compared to activated charcoal in tablets.

Things to consider

Activated charcoal can help remove stains left by tannins from food and beverages, nicotine stains, as well as plaque-causing bacteria. It’s not effective, though, on discoloration that you got from medications, genetics, and thin enamel. We highly advise caution when using it with veneers and crowns as it can stain as cause an imbalance on the blending of colors.

Note that you can only do this with activated charcoal. Regular charcoal contains toxic chemicals that were added for fast combustion. Make sure to get activated charcoal from a trusted source. Our activated charcoal underwent careful manufacturing and thorough testing for safety and effective use. Get your Actinera® Activated Charcoal Pearly Powder now, and experience a charming white smile.

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