Hello Teeth Whitening Charcoal Toothpaste
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Hello Teeth Whitening Charcoal Toothpaste

This certified organic formulation promises to whiten your teeth with its simple blend of ingredients. The Hello Teeth Whitening Charcoal Toothpaste works like most other premium choices on the market. The difference? The brand is more keen on providing their buyers with a wider selection. While other companies offer a single blend, this brand has several different charcoal whitening toothpaste recipes. With choices that are fluoride-free, with fluoride, with natural acai, dragon fruit, or hemp seed oil, these variety of charcoal toothpastes provide unique experiences every time.

Of course, despite having different flavors, the formulations all provide the same outcomes. That is, they whiten your teeth! But does the Hello formulation truly offer satisfying whitening results? Learn here.


  • A wealth of choices for every buyer
  • All natural, certified organic formulations
  • Effectively whitens the teeth with natural coconut charcoal blended into each variety
  • Helps relieve bad breath
  • Soothes the gums and prevents infection
  • Tastes much better than most other charcoal whitening powders
  • Pleasant flavor leaves behind a minty freshness after each use
  • Suitable replacement for regular toothpaste


  • None!

A Charcoal Toothpaste Blend for Every Buyer

Let’s face it – not all charcoal toothpaste or powder products can address all the problems you want to address. There are some that try, but cramming too many ingredients into a single product can make it much less effective at whitening. That’s why instead of trying to create a single, all-around product, Hello gives you choices.

Their charcoal and mint formulation comes in two varieties – with and without fluoride. If you want an experience that resembles your usual dental care routine, go for the with fluoride formula. Then there are the flavored choices. Acai berry detoxifies, dragon fruit relieves bad breath, and hemp seed oil soothes the gums. Now, depending on what you need the most, you can choose a product that really meets your specific target.

Wonderful Flavors That Improve the Experience

Have you ever tried brushing with charcoal powder? It’s far from fun. The gritty, dry powder might feel strange in your mouth. Plus, that bitterness could make it hard to have to do the process everyday. But with the Hello toothpaste range of flavors, you can be sure to enjoy each dental care session. Their products perfectly mask the taste of charcoal, and leave you with a mouthful of delicious, fruity, and minty flavors that are sure to keep you feeling fresh and clean for hours.

Perfect Texture for Sensitive Gums

Got painful, sensitive gums that bleed with the slightest insult? Charcoal powder products may exacerbate gum sensitivity because of their abrasive texture. But the Hello line of charcoal toothpastes boast a smooth consistency with very mild abrasion to help whiten your teeth without the pain. Against the teeth, the formula feels exceptionally gentle, despite being slightly gritty to help remove any debris from your teeth’s surface. Of course, the consistency doesn’t apply friction on the gums, supporting optimal gum health and ending sensitivity for good.

How to Use Hello Teeth Whitening Charcoal Toothpaste

Hello recommends using their toothbrush with a soft bristle charcoal-infused toothbrush. Place a small pea-sized amount on your toothbrush and brush away! Let the charcoal soak for 2-3 minutes and rinse away. Use the product as your daily toothpaste and see results in 2-3 weeks.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to offering buyers variety, no other brand does it like Hello. Charcoal toothpaste doesn’t have to be the same, boring, minty flavor! Their unique line of charcoal toothpaste formulations gives you choices that help guarantee your expectations are met. All of this of course, on top of giving you a pearly white shine you can flaunt to your family and friends.

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