Different Ways Activated Charcoal Can Make a Difference
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Different Ways Activated Charcoal Can Make a Difference

Imagine if one can soak in poisons and enhance gastrointestinal health using a small powder or a black pill. This may not be believable for some people, but there’s a product that exists to do just that. This organic compound, activated charcoal, is made from carbonized wood or coconut shells oxidized by gases at extremely high temperatures.

For more thousands of years, ancient Chinese medicine has been utilizing the product for its absorption abilities. It takes a mere few grams of activated charcoal benefits to cover the same surface area as that of a football field.

Now, try imagining the impact that this product can have in the stomach.

Highly Absorbent

Activated charcoal is an extremely adsorbent material that makes it possible to attach itself to specific atoms, ions, and molecules. In this manner, it can effectively remove these from dissolved substances. Such process of “activation” removes the charcoal of molecules that were previously absorbed while freeing up the bonding sites.

This process can minimize the pore sizes within the charcoal. It creates more holes for every molecule taken in. Hence, further increasing the entire surface area.

A Massive Detoxifier

The oxidation process of activated charcoal benefits contributes to fine pores, which contribute to the product’s ability to soak in chemicals, bacteria, toxins, and other unwanted substances – more than a hundred times of its own weight.

When charcoal makes it way into the system, it binds to foreign substances so they can be carried outside of the body through elimination. This prevents the body from taking or replicating harmful substances from the bloodstream.

A majority of water and air filters utilize charcoal for its absorption characteristics.

Benefits of Charcoal

Those who are familiar with activated carbon should know its ability to attract foreign materials. It bonds to these invaders and eliminates them from the body. These “invaders” include alcohol, certain bacteria, and harmful metals.

There are a number of benefits that come with activated carbon. These are:

1.It contributes to overall detoxification

Long-term exposure to toxins can lead to compromised immune system, allergies, cellular damage, and aging. When one takes activated charcoal side effects, expect it to completely flush out toxins from the body.

2.It provides relief from digestive problems.

When digesting food, decomposition caused by bacteria can lead to production of diarrhea and gas. Activated charcoal attaches itself the byproducts produced by bacteria and eases digestive problems.

3.It’s neutralizes drugs and other unwanted substances.

If one happens to have accidentally ingested poisons like drugs chlorine, or alcohol, administering one big dose of charcoal can help flush these out from the body quickly. The activated charcoal uses absorbs a majority of the poisons, pesticides, metals, drugs, and inorganic chemicals that may potentially harm the body.

4. It slows down the signs of aging.

As one ages, the brain will be vulnerable to toxins. Activated carbon can help slow the aging process down and helps improved cognition. Its also curb other cellular manipulation related to the function of kidneys, adrenal gland, and old age.

5.It improves the health of different organs.

Charcoal minimizes the overall mount of triglycerides, lipids, and cholesterol within the liver, brain, blood, and heart.

When to Take Activated Charcoal

Taking in activated charcoal side effects is never a good excuse in forcing toxins in one’s system. Drinking dirty fluids, taking in too much alcohol, and eating raw or bad meals can make one’s body feel worse.

However, one can take full advantage of activated carbon in the following circumstances:

-When taking too many drinks in one night.

-When eating poor quality meal and/or produce from a restaurant.

-When feeling moody or lethargic.

-When removing stains from teeth.

-When experiencing constant stomach pains or feeling bloated.

-When feeling jet lagged.

-When removing internal toxins (for pregnant women).

Adverse Reactions

At the moment, there hasn’t been a single report of anyone experiencing adverse reactions from activated charcoal. However, those who are currently taking medications for their pre-existing conditions should consult with their doctor prior to ingesting any activated charcoal product.

Keep in mind to leave a few hours of spacing between the intake of medications before consuming charcoal. This may result of the charcoal interfering the absorption of medications from the system.

Beneficial to Health

There are so many reasons why charcoal is beneficial to one’s health. Whether it’s through eliminating accidental ingestion of foreign materials to ensuring healthy organs, activated carbon is an excellent remedy to have at home.

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