Detoxing with Activated Coconut Charcoal
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Detoxing with Activated Coconut Charcoal

Activated charcoal has been in use for thousands of years by Ayurvedic practitioners, Chinese healers, and Western medical doctors. The activated charcoal filter is notably known for its ability to attract poisons, heavy metallic elements, and other toxins then flushing them out of the body. This makes the substance ideal for basic and acute detoxification.

One of the primary things in living a completely healthy life is to curb things that would make one weak. This would include processed snacks that would sap one’s energy and significant composure to harmful chemicals.

Sometimes, straying from toxins and unhealthy food is easier said than done. Regardless if one is eating fast food from a restaurant or want to further carry out the detoxification process, activated charcoal is everyone’s best friend.

Activated Charcoal: What Is It?

Activated charcoal is essentially a byproduct of a burning carbon-based source such as coconut shells or wood. The substance will become “activated” as it reaches specific high temperatures. This would remove the oxygen present and altering its chemical structure to form smaller particles with added surface area.

The end product is an absorbent charcoal filter consisting of millions of pores that attract and eliminate heavy metals, harmful chemical, intestinal gases, and poisons.

A couple grams activated charcoal powder or around four capsules of coconut charcoal is equivalent to the surface area of a soccer field. Its porous surface contains a negative electric charge that would lure positively charged substances such as unnecessary gas and toxins.

Why Is Activated Charcoal Needed?

In western medicine, the main uses of benefits of charcoal is to absorb toxins or poisons in a clinic or hospital setting. It works via process known as “adsorption.” That means “to bind to” as opposed “to absorb.”

Activated charcoal is more than just an antidote for poisons and drugs. It’s a remedy used worldwide for digestive health, basic detoxification, anti-aging, and heart health. As a matter of fact, some industrial cattle mills are purposely changing their spoiled feed with activated charcoal, knowing it’ll give them the opportunity to profit more without slaughtering the animals.

How It Works

Physicians from centuries ago have been utilizing inactivated charcoal for various medical reasons including treatment for anthrax and epilepsy. In the early half of the 20th century, the benefits of charcoal process prompted numerous medical journals to publish research that would show how activated charcoal can be utilized as an antidote for poisons and treating intestinal disorders. Modern research not only confirms such practices one charcoal, but it also adds newer techniques of utilizing it.

Here are just some notable functions of activated charcoal:

1.It has general detoxification properties.

Toxins excreted from processed food as well as environmental pollution can eat up one’s energy and lead to a number of health problems. These can range anywhere form digestive issues to serious brain problems.

Long-term exposure to toxins can result to cellular damage, rapid signs of aging, compromised immunity, and severe allergic reactions. Using activated charcoal regularly can lead to a removal of toxins, which can make one feel refreshed and vibrant in a few minutes.

2.It provides relief for the digestive system.

Whenever one digests food, the process of decomposition from bacteria within the body can form byproducts such as diarrhea or gas. Activated charcoal tablets will make their way to the digestive tract and counteracts such process by linking directly to byproducts and offering relief from such digestive problems.

3.It binds to poisons and chemicals.

Activated charcoal absorbs a majority of organic and inorganic chemicals, pesticides, drugs, and heavy metals before they can completely harm the body. If one is already poisoned, head straight to the emergency room. There’s no other reason for one to not bind the poison with activated charcoal immediately.

4.It removes odor and treats skin.

One can apply charcoal topically to offer relief from inflammation, insect stings, bites, and cholera. Both bad breath and body odor are a result of toxins that leave the body. It’s one reason why using activated charcoal and applying it on topical products such as lotion or deodorant can be of big help.

Taking Activated Charcoal

If one is into healthy living, then it’s understandable that regardless of how clean one eats, the environment will still be saturated with high toxicity levels. This can be more problematic when eating out or travelling frequently. A commercial flight can expose one to intoxicating levels of jet fuel and other contaminants in the air. That doesn’t even include the additives found in most airplane food!

Activated charcoal tablets can clear one’s body of toxins and poisons, which can make one feel weak, tired, and trigger just about anything under the sun: from headaches to immense food cravings.

Activated charcoal will always come to the rescue whenever one is overindulging on food or taking long trips. It can do a lot of wonders even in children who throw tantrums or constantly whining. The substance can help “neutralize” their mood in as little as 15 or so minutes. It’s an amazing sight to see.

Activated charcoal is most recommended in the following situations:

  • After eating out in restaurants or consuming poor quality or processed foods.
  • After drinking low quality coffee.
  • After drinking alcohol.
  • When feeling tired or moody.
  • When ravelling long distance or taking on air travel.

Activated charcoal is never restricted for acute scenarios. Taking in activated coconut charcoal every day is one great way to thrive in an environment filled with toxic substances. It’s ideal to take it in between meals and several hours after ingesting mineral supplements or multi-vitamins since this could affect their absorption in the body. Avoid taking activated charcoal with any prescription medications since they’ll also have no effect in the body once they latch to charcoal.


Every individual responds differently to varying doses. So, it’s important to seek consultation from a doctor prior to taking any dietary supplements, multi-vitamins, or binding agents like charcoal. Doctors recommend taking a small amount or two (or more) activated charcoal capsules when consuming low quality food or drinks, or alcohol.

Never ingest activated charcoal uses with prescription medications or with other supplements. Charcoal has a natural tendency to bind to different substances —- that includes the good things such as vitamins, minerals, and prescription medications. Wait for several hours after ingesting charcoal before making a move on supplements or medications.

Too much consumption of charcoal, including those that lack magnesium, can lead to constipation. Take around 300-400mg magnesium glycate a few hours after consuming charcoal. Then drink lots of water to curb constipation.

If one is taking charcoal, expect a black-colored stool. This is a good sign since it lets one know how long it took for food to make it through the bowel. Individuals taking charcoal for the first time will be surprised.

Finding Activated Coconut Charcoal

Most of charcoal tablets today are packaged in small doses. Some come in the form of powder and made from low quality (sometimes from unknown parts) materials. It’s best to go for activated coconut charcoal made from pure and highest quality materials from a trusted seller.

These days, newer coconut charcoals are carefully made and thoroughly inspected. They’re fine in appearance and are purified to the highest levels. Acid washing is one method used to remove heavy metallic elements, which is usually an issue in charcoal preparation.

Fine charcoal grains are produced to ensure maximum functionality and absorption. The structure is so fine that it involves a newer and stricter process to pack the grain into capsules without interference from machines and the assembly line.  Such additional steps can lead to an activated charcoal with more surface area to facilitate complete absorption.

A Natural Detoxifier

Activated charcoal uses is considered to be one of the very few oldest remedies for detoxification. It’s now available in a powerful form of supplement that can help remove toxins found in the environment and food. This can help alleviate symptoms related toxicity exposure including body weakness, lightheadedness, and fat accumulation.

Give it a try and one will experience and positive difference from it!

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