Can Activated Charcoal Remove Blackheads?
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Can Activated Charcoal Remove Blackheads?

For the past several years, activated charcoal has been a primary ingredient in skin care products. While it’s really nothing new, charcoal has been around the health and beauty industry for years.

The compound has a natural ability of drawing out oil and impurities from the skin. That’s one the biggest reasons why activated carbon uses is a great addition to beauty products like facials masks, cleansers, scrubs, and soaps.

Particularly, activated charcoal is great for those with oily skin. It has the ability to take in oil and dirt from pores, which can leave the skin refreshed and balanced. If one does have dry skin to begin with, the compound could make the skin drier.

How It’s Made

Activated charcoal is essentially carbon made from coconut shells, wood, or peat heated at extremely high temperatures without oxygen. Oxygen will only be introduced into the process to open up millions of pores between the carbon atoms. This is essential since the pores allow chemicals to pass through the compound to interact with exposed carbon.

Once the carbon spots any incoming contaminants and impurities, it’ll bind to its surface. Then it can be removed by means of rinsing it off or through the process of natural elimination from the within the body.

Draws Out Dirt

Activated charcoal is an organic magnet that can effectively draw out dirt from pores. There are plenty of beauty products that utilizes activated charcoal uses charcoal in extracting dirt and other excess substances. These include face scrubs, cleansers, soaps, and facial masks. They function similarly to a certain degree.

Face, Skin, and Pores Treatment

Charcoal can be used for facial applications. Beauty enthusiasts who have discovered this compound have included it in their daily routine to minimize blackheads, treat acne, clear up skin, and even whiten teeth. Bloggers can offer tips on how to make use of activated charcoal in their beauty routine.

The product is very much capable of absorbing additional oil from the skin. The excess oil unclogs the pores, allowing it to breathe, and helps keep the skin balanced and nourished.

The one thing that charcoal can’t do is shrink the size of the pores. However, it does a tremendous job in making the pores appear “smaller.” This is due to the fact that the pores look bigger when oil, dirt, and other gunk are stored. This is one approach that will ensure one’s pores remain clean.

Make sure the face is washed and exfoliated to ensure dirt-free skin. The activated charcoal benefits soap does a far better job in removing unwanted substances from the skin compared to traditional. What’s more, it does it in a natural manner.

About Blackheads

Blackheads are triggered when the pores are clogged. This is frequently attributed to the overproduction of oil. In medical terms, it’s the initial stage of acne. Some individuals may experience blackheads that may eventually develop into a pimple. Using makeup and topical oils will make the blackheads even worse.

One needs to understand that blackheads isn’t a result of one being unhygienic. As a matter of fact, government health services in several countries believe that organic reactions that trigger acne formation happens under the skin surface.

Other Uses of Activated Charcoal

It’s no surprise that activated charcoal is being put to use in many applications. While some may only see activated charcoal benefits as a primary component in today’s water filters, it’s also seen in emergency rooms or trauma centers in hospitals for treating intestinal gas problems, cure accidental poisoning, and even reduce bad cholesterol levels.

Activate charcoal has done wonders for the skin. With its unparalleled success worldwide, newbies who have discovered this product are beginning to understand why it can be beneficial in so many ways. Whether it’s keeping the skin free from dirt or eliminating blackheads, activated charcoal will be used extensively for many years to come.

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