Benefits of Activated Charcoal Shampoo
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Benefits of Activated Charcoal Shampoo

Activated charcoal’s benefit goes beyond oral hygiene and skin care. Using it regularly on your hair can make your locks clean, voluminous, and shiny. Here are the benefits of activated charcoal shampoo that will make it an excellent addition to your hair care pampering system.

Helps detoxify and cleanse hair

Pollution and free radicals can have detrimental effects on your hair such as dryness, breaks on the keratin layer, hair fall, and scalp irritation. When you use activated charcoal shampoo, the product reaches out to every strand of hair, going deep into cracks and crevices on the surface. Due to its high porosity and potent adsorbent qualities, activated charcoal is capable of carrying toxins and pollutants 1000 its molecular weight. As a result, your hair feels cleaner, silkier, and smoother.

Full-bodied, bouncy hair

Oil helps make your hair look shiny and healthy. However, an oily condition can make your hair limp, matted, and lifeless. Some resort to controlling oiliness by using massive amounts of hair cleansing products and vigorously scrubbing the scalp. Doing so is counter-intuitive as it irritates your scalp, causing your oil glands to produce more oil.

Activated charcoal helps to absorb excess oil without having to resort to using too much product or excessive washing. There are less irritation and hypersecretion of oil because of its gentle cleansing and adsorbing action. With regular use, you’ll be able to control that pesky oily film on your hair.

Longer, thicker locks

Toxins and pollutants can limit hair growth. Activated charcoal helps unclog your pores, allowing your hair to grow thicker and longer. By getting rid of all that oil through effective detox, your scalp and hair will be able to breathe, boosting hair growth and development.

Boost the effects of hair products

The more products you use on your hair, the more buildup you will have to deal with. This layer creates a barrier between your hair follicles and your hair care treatment. Activated charcoal is also useful in removing buildup. Since it’s a negatively charged particle, its capable of taking out heavy metals left behind by your shampoo. This enables your hair care remedies to do their work better since they can penetrate deeper into your hair and scalp.

Helps control dandruff

Dandruff is caused by a multitude of reasons including diet, stress, hormones, medications, hygiene, and hair products. These cause your fast turnover on the skin on your scalp, causing over-production of dead skin cells. This disturbs the normal microflora on your scalp, causing proliferation of fungus that causes dandruff.

Activated charcoal aids in balancing your scalp’s microbiome through the action of removing dead skin cells, oil, bacteria, and fungus. It’s anti-inflammatory properties also help soothe inflammation and redness caused by dandruff.

Activated charcoal can help improve the health and growth of your hair by removing toxins, pollutants, and restoring the natural balance on your scalp. Go the extra mile by showing the same papering for your face and skin by using activated charcoal skin care products. Use Actinera® Bamboo Charcoal Face Wash and Actinera® Charcoal Dead Sea Mud Bar as you shower. You’ll find that you’ll be able dirt, toxins, and impurities for a head-to-toe deep cleansing that will leave your skin soft, supple, and radiant.

What activated charcoal did you use? What made you decide to use it? Please share your experience in our comment section!

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