7 Great Benefits of Using Activated Charcoal Face Pack
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7 Great Benefits of Using Activated Charcoal Face Pack

You’re seeing so many videos of beautiful people using charcoal face packs or charcoal peel-off mask on their faces. Compared to other peel-off masks, charcoal face masks seem scary because of the intense black color. We’ll dispel that fear and talk about the beautiful benefits of using activated charcoal masks on your face.

Deeply cleanses your skin

Activated charcoal is known for its deep cleansing ability. No other particle in the planet can draw out as much grain of dirt as activated charcoal. Its adsorptive qualities go down into your pores, drawing out dirt that regular cleansing can’t. Sure, you can get deep cleansing by using brushes and rubbing soap and other cleansing products on your skin. However, did you notice that you get breakouts no matter how intense you cleanse your skin? That’s because rubbing on your skin too much irritates your skin, causing it to release more oil that traps dirt in your pores.

When you use an activated charcoal face pack like Actinera® Deep Pore-Suction Mask, you’re not causing any disturbance on your skin. All you have to do is apply the product on your face, leave it to dry and carefully peel off. The activated charcoal will do the cleansing for you without harming your skin’s natural balance.

Exfoliates dull skin layer

Ever wonder why your skin glows after a facial or diamond peel, only to dull again after several weeks? That’s because there’s a layer of dead skin that covers soft, supple skin on your face. Your skin renews itself on a daily basis, pushing dead skin cells on the top layer for shedding.

Now, this dead skin layer is highly beneficial since it severs to protect your skin from harmful bacteria. It’s essential that you keep its integrity intact to prevent skin infections as well as microbial invasion. You can compromise your skin by using harsh chemical exfoliants that peel dead skin almost down the dermal layer. This skin layer is highly sensitive because it contains nerves and blood vessels as well as oil glands. The dermis is very thin, and a slight scratch can cause injury.

However, the problem with dead skin layer is that it dulls the skin. When you use an activated charcoal mask, you gently peel off a thin layer of dead skin from the epidermis. You still leave behind a substantial layer of keratin that will serve as adequate protection for your skin.

Removes that oily sheen

Diet, activity, hormones, and environmental exposure causes your oil glands to become hyperactive. The result is that unattractive oily sheen that leaves you prone to outbreaks. Activated charcoal helps you balance the amount of oil on your skin by removing irritating skin impurities. What’s more, it effectively absorbs excess oil from your skin without causing too much irritation. However, be aware that activated charcoal is so efficient in absorbing oil that it can also strip your skin bare of natural lubricant. Do not use it too often or you’ll get dry, irritated skin.

Helps remove harmful toxins

We’re exposed to toxins every day, especially our skin. They’re all around us: in the food that we eat, in the air that we breathe. Pollution, chemicals, and even the sun are harmful elements that damage our skin. One of the great benefits of a charcoal face pack is that it’s highly capable of removing even the smallest molecule possible. That is something that ordinary cleansers and toners can’t do even with daily use. Removing toxins helps promote healthy skin renewal, giving you clear smooth skin that requires little maintenance.

Reduces pore size

Notice that as you grow old, your pores grow in size? It’s not because blackheads or whiteheads – these are due to dirt and oil trapped inside large pores. Genetics and oily skin are often the cause of an increase in pore size. Aging can also cause pore enlargement. Over time, your skin loses its elasticity, and there’s a decrease in cell renewal.
We can’t help the dictate of genetics nor stop our aging process. What we can do, however, is to tighten the skin and control the amount of oil on its surface. An activated charcoal face pack helps tighten skin by removing dead skin and clearing out deep-seated dirt. Just remember to use a toner and moisturizer after peeling.

Helps control acne

However, the problem with dead skin layer is that not only does it dull the skin, but it’s also the primary cause of breakouts. Yes, it’s not dirt, but dead skin cells trapped in pores are the reason why you have acne. When mixed with oil and dirt, you get red, inflamed breakouts that can result in large pores as well as scarring.

With regular and responsible use of activated charcoal masks, you control these three elements and prevent them from wreaking havoc on your skin. You’ll find that your acne gradually improves and they don’t come as often as they used to. You can use Actinera® Deep Pore-Suction Mask for mild acne to help prevent it from getting worse. However, it’s not advised to use on red, inflamed acne because of the pain and thin skin layer over the pimple. Let the inflammation and redness subside first, and you can use Actinera® Bamboo Charcoal Face Wash until you get rid of the redness.

Gives a bright, youthful glow

Combine all these benefits together, and you get that radiant, youthful glow that will always draw attention. Through regular exfoliation and acne control, your skin tone evens out. All blemishes and scars gradually lighten, giving you that smooth appearance that needs little to no makeup.

These are the benefits you will enjoy with regular use of Actinera® Deep Pore-Suction Mask. Although highly adsorptive and effective in clearing out oil and dead skin, our mask is not as painful and sticky as those thick masks you see on YouTube. Actinera® Deep Pore-Suction Mask is a light, gentle mask that you can safely use without resulting in too much pain or injury. We recommend that you steam your face first for 5-15 minutes before applying the mask. This will help it do its work without forcing the dirt and blackheads out from your skin that can cause skin damage.

What’s your favorite activated charcoal mask benefit? Please feel free to share it in the comment section below!

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