Are Activated Charcoal Vaginal Sheet Masks Worth It?
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Are Activated Charcoal Vaginal Sheet Masks Worth It?

Given that females may have acne on their thing-down-there, it’s only a matter of time before vaginal sheet masks became a trend in women. Does one have to be really stressed about how “dewy” or how much their vulvas need to “detox?” For most medical experts, it’s something that shouldn’t be of  a concern.

Just recently, the talk in female hygiene has move to vulva sheet masks, specifically on a product called “Blackout Activated Charcoal Mask” from the brand, Two Lips.

The product itself has made bold claims saying its activated charcoal content can help “increase lymphatic drainage” while offering detoxification properties. It also contains a chamomile ingredient advertised to “brighten and even the skin tone.” Aloe vera is included to ensure a “moisturized” pubic area.

Activated Charcoal

A typical charcoal is frequently made from petroleum, peat, wood, and coal. Activated charcoal is somewhat similar to that of traditional charcoal. The only difference is, it’s intended for medical purposes.

In making activated charcoal, manufacturers would heat the common charcoal with the presence of gas which naturally triggers the development of pores. The pores are the ones responsible for “trapping” in chemicals.

Activated charcoal is frequently used to treat ingested poisons, minimize phenytoin levels, reduce gas, lessen cholesterol levels, curb diarrhea (triggered by certain medications), and lower phosphate levels (those who are undergoing dialysis).

The compound can also treat bile flow issues (pregnant women) and those suffering from an upset stomach. Activated charcoal has been utilized externally in bandages to promote wound healing and enhancing skin appearance.


Activated charcoal has proven its use in trapping toxins to stop certain poisons when utilized for medical treatment. The compound should be administered to the individual within one hour after the poison has been ingested. It appears to not work at all if the compound is given a hours after a harmful chemical is ingested.

Adverse Effects and Precautions

Activated charcoal is considered to be safe for a majority of healthy adults for short-term use. In terms of side effects, the compound may lead some users to experience black stool formation and constipation. Other serious (mostly rare) incidents involve the slowing down of the digestive system, blockage of the intestinal tract, dehydration, and regurgitation of food into the lungs.

The product may be considered safe for short-term use —- even for pregnant or lactating women. However, consult with a healthcare professional or a doctor firsthand if one is pregnant.

For those who are facing slow bowel movement or gastrointestinal blockage, avoid using activated charcoal at all costs. If one is suffering from a pre-existing condition in which the passage of food would normally slow down, never use charcoal. The only exception would be if one is supervised by a doctor or a healthcare provider.

Issues with Vaginal Sheet Masks

For some medical experts, the application of vaginal sheet masks poses certain concerns. The vaginal area is said to be a sensitive organ that changes over time. Factors to consider such as hormones, friction, and pregnancy can lead to discoloration (one can even develop wrinkles too). But that wouldn’t precisely entail adopting a routine to ensure healthy vaginal skin.

Some health practitioners recommend applying less on the skin as opposed to adding more. Gynecologists believe that “less is more.”

When it comes to the aspect of moisturizing, the anatomy can look after its own. Experts believe that the area is frequently moist and remains naturally damp since it’s concealed all day. As a matter of fact, having a moisturizing mask could lead to a lot of problems. Moisturizers aren’t recommended on the area since keeping things damp for a prolonged period can lead to skin or yeast infections.

Why Do They Exist?

When it comes to mask sheets, Two Lips has made an enticing one since the equivalent is one half the bottle of serum for each sheet. The concern here is the material being placed on the vulva. Some experts believe that the vulva is thinner compared to the face. Hence, chemicals can irritate it quickly especially if it involves the use of natural oils and fragrances.

While a majority of the ingredients offered by Two Lips’ vaginal sheet masks are non-irritating, some experts feel that two of its key ingredients —- dipotassium glycyrrhizate and ethyl-ascorbic acid — can lead to irritation to women with skin sensitivity.

The pubic region is situated in a trapped area of the body with limited flow of air most of the day. Some experts say the vulva could be susceptible to any slight pH changes or toxic agents. Hence, one should approach the application of sheets with extreme caution.

Things to Know About

Another area of concern when it comes to covering the pubic area with the sheets are the charcoal particles. Healthcare professionals recommend completely washing the area carefully to prevent any particles from being left behind. If some particles do remain, they could function as a foreign body which may lead to long-term problems.

If one feels like their downstairs need a bit of cleaning, some would recommend using an organic moisturizer such as coconut oil. But if one is in desperate need for a vaginal sheet mask, two things need to be done to curb irritation in the area:

1.Check firsthand for skin sensitivity by applying a small amount on the face or on one of the vulva sides. If it feels itchy or has a red appearance after a couple or so minutes, then it’s ideal to not proceed.

2.After one is done wearing the sheet mask, rinse the area well. Ensure not to have the area scrubbed. Utilize the hands with running tap water. Then dab the area dry and leave the area on its own.

Personal Use

For some users and health practitioners, this is one product can they can gladly skip since they feel any product place on the vulva can “put them at risk.” They feel allergic reactions are common due to the thin lining of the skin, less mucosal barrier, and extreme area sensitivity.

In addition, they feel that damping the area could lead to possible yeast infections.

While others may not agree, it’s essential to understand that beauty is meant to be fun. One should never feel the pressure or shame of taking part in any genital-based treatment, including the ones the some may perceive to be negative.

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