Activated Charcoal Teeth-Whitening & Skin-Care Affiliate Program

Actinera® offers a high-earning, high-converting affiliate program for marketers looking to make high commissions selling activated charcoal beauty products. This is a hot beauty niche and is on trend in 2018 and well into the future years. Take advantage of hot selling charcoal teeth whitening and skin care products.

Our products are extremely high-converting with an average of 5% – 10% per organic visit to our website. With a targeted click, an affiliate could expect a conversion rate of 5 – 20% depending on their traffic quality and targeting. We allow Facebook, Instagram and other social media marketing providing it does not violate our terms of service or medical disclaimer.

The good thing about charcoal beauty products is that they perform well on both organic search and social media – Unlike many other products in the beauty space that flood the teeth-whitening and cosmetic niche spaces.

Activated charcoal teeth whitening and skin-care products are perfect for internet marketers looking to get into a great beauty niche that will be around for a long time with the added benefit of representing a strong brand with a great reputation, product quality and conversion rates.


Program Details

Currently, we offer a high 45% commission on a referral sale to our website. This 45% commission is a lifetime cookie on the referral of the sale – meaning, that if that customer comes back at any point in time and buys again, the affiliate will get another 45% on all recurring purchases from them.

The original visitor cookie expiry is set to 90-days and goes to an unlimited cookie after a converted sale. If a visitor goes through another affiliates’ link, the referral will always go to the original referrer during the original or unlimited cookie periods.

Tier 2

We also offer a tier 2 structure for all of our activated charcoal products. With tier 2, you can promote the program with your own sign-up link and split the commissions that these tier 2 affiliates earn on each and every sale. This way, you earn 22.5% and they earn 22.5% with no work on your end other than signing them up under your account. The original visitor cookie of 90-days and the unlimited cookie after completed sale applies to all tier 2 affiliates.

All commissions for tier 1 and tier 2 are paid out monthly on the first of every month. The minimum payout for the first payment is $50 with no limit after the threshold is reached. PayPal is our recommended payout method however, we can also mail out checks if it is requested. The PayPal payout method is recommended because it’s faster and more convenient.


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