Active WoW Charcoal Powder For Teeth Whitening – Review
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Active WoW Charcoal Powder For Teeth Whitening – Review



Let’s start by discussing the pros and cons of activated charcoal powder from Active WoW for teeth whitening.


  • No Flouride
  • Chemical-free
  • No SLS
  • Effectively whitens the teeth
  • Premium ingredients



  • None


Usage Instructions


The thing about this particular product is that it’s not an actual standard toothpaste. It’s activated charcoal in powder form. It turns your mouth black when you use it but that’s part of the whitening process.

Follow below instructions for best results –

  • Take a toothbrush and wet it. Remove all the extra water so it is no longer drippy.
  • Dip your toothbrush in the powder. Make sure it’s the right amount.
  • Now start brushing your teeth and do it for a good two to five minutes.
  • Rinse off your mouth well.
  • Clean the sink thoroughly to remove any black goo. Use baby wipes if water doesn’t work.


How it Works


Charcoal typically comes from coconut shells which apparently carries healing properties. Charcoal that comes from the coconut shell is capable of helping your teeth. Also, since its surface is mildly abrasive – it rubs off plaque, stains, and all the unwanted stuff like debris.

Active Wow charcoal powder carries Bentonite powder which makes sure every last trace of plaque is removed. If your teeth have stains from drinking coffee, wine or smoking cigarettes, you will notice a considerable difference right after the very first usage.

But, since different people have different levels of tooth discolouration; not everyone is going to notice the same level of difference after the first or second usage.

List Of Ingredients in Active WoW Activated Charcoal Powder


  • Xylitol


It’s not uncommon for most popular natural toothpaste brands to use Xylitol. Research shows that xylitol is good for dental health. Contrary to what many may believe it doesn’t pose any threats to oral health. Let it be known that xylitol is toxic to dogs, so make sure to keep it out of the reach of your dog.


  • Sodium Bicarbonate


The reason for including Sodium Bicarbonate is because it kills dangerous microbes that grow in your mouth. It also helps maintain the right PH levels inside your mouth. Sodium Bicarbonate is also a popular teeth whitening substance. It has a long and good history in dental healthcare.


  • Orange Seed and Coconut Oil


Orange seed is what gives Active Wow its flavour. It makes the product fragrant which is why after usage, you will find your breath more refreshing than before. Coconut oil in Active Wow activated charcoal helps with the cleansing and detoxification process. Coconut oil is used by several natural toothpaste brands. People all over the world use it for oil pulling which sucks the toxins out of the bloodstream. This is the reason it has been included in this product too.

Final Thoughts


Active Wow charcoal powder definitely deserves an enthusiastic thumbs up. You will definitely notice positive results after first usage; especially if you have intense tooth discolouration. It contains no problematic ingredients; making it a perfect choice for those who are looking for a natural and organic way to whiten their teeth.

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