Activated Charcoal: Why It’s a Perfect Beauty Solution
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Activated Charcoal: Why It’s a Perfect Beauty Solution

Activated charcoal, or otherwise known as activated charcoal filter, is formed when common charcoal is specifically heated in such a manner to create “pores.” These pores are intended to attract and trap in chemicals.

This organic powder, which is frequently utilized in water purifiers and gas masks, is a known additive in a majority of today’s beauty products. It’s also widely sold in the form of a capsule.

One won’t have to spend on costly creams and lotions just to make the most of the detoxifying properties of activated charcoal.

Charcoal for Beauty Regimen

Here are some reasons why activated charcoal filter is a great beauty solution for both men and women today:

1.It’s made from natural ingredients.

The average modern woman utilizes around twelve beauty products on a daily basis. These products, when added together, contain more than one hundred ingredients. A majority of these chemical additives can have a negative influence on one’s skin as well as overall health.

As a matter of fact, adding chemicals to one’s scalp or skin is multiple times more worse than ingesting them. Whenever toxins are ingested, enzymes within the saliva and stomach tend to break them down so they can easily be expelled from the body.

However, chemicals directly applied on the skin are directly absorbed in the bloodstream without any filter.

Activated charcoal is a product made from natural ingredients. It never adds up to the chemical load of one’s body. There’s also less chance of triggering any negative body and skin reactions compared to traditional beauty products.

2.It contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

The benefits of charcoal are its natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. This makes the organic material an excellent application for the hair and skin. Known pathogens such as E. Coli found in multiple research studies show that they can be destroyed whenever they make contact with activated carbon.

3.It helps unclog pores.

This particular carbon does wonders in clearing up pores containing organic impurities and dirt responsible for blackheads. It also functions by taking in oil, pollutants, and debris in order for the skin to be detoxified.

When one is done using the activated carbon, the skin will feel smooth, pores will appear more refined, and blackheads are kept to a minimal. Some individuals may notice charcoal lingering within the pores in the form of black dots. These can be removed using a steam bowl or by rubbing dots softly with a warm, damp cloth.

5.It keeps oily skin balanced.

Those who have greasy skin can make use of activated charcoal in the form of a facial mask. This can draw out any excess oil present.  For such reason alone, activated benefits of charcoal is ideally suited for use once or twice a week to prevent the skin from being too dry.

6.It exfoliates the skin.

 A lot of facial exfoliators today consist of minute pellets that tend to pose harm to both the environment and aquatic life.

The texture of an activated charcoal makes it an excellent organic exfoliator that’s friendly to the environment. It helps eradicate sebum as well as dead skin cells. At the same time, its anti-microbial characteristics prevent the occurrence of skin infections.

Activated charcoal can easily be added into any liquid to create an exfoliator that’s suitable to one’s skin needs. It’s recommended to opt for jojoba oil or honey to moisturize dry skin, or one can add a bit of salt or sugar to ensure tougher scrubbing. The essential oils can help increase their anti-bacterial properties.

7.It helps whiten teeth.

This organic powder can be partnered with toothpaste or used on its own to naturally whiten teeth. It functions by attaching itself to a wide range of substances responsible for staining one’s teeth. These include red wine, plaque, coffee, nicotine, and etc. While it’s capable of removing stains, it can’t effectively bleach yellow or dark-colored teeth.

Even though activated charcoal tablets are considered to abrasive in nature, it’s usually gentle compared to traditional products such as store-bought toothpaste. While it’s still abrasive, it’s recommended to never overuse or scrub it too hard on the teeth.

8. It offers relief from irritation and bug bites.

 If one has an irritated skin as a result of bug bites, insect/bee sting, or poison ivy, they can significantly benefit from an activated charcoal application. If swiftly applied, the charcoal can extract the toxins and help minimize both the swelling and pain.

9.It keeps the hair clean.

Charcoal is effective in deep cleaning the hair. It’s capable of eradicating toxins and foul odor stuck within the hair strands. The substance is very handy for individuals with medium to oily hair.

Pairing an activated charcoal capsule with regular shampoo will leave the hair clean. Ensure to thoroughly rinse the hair to remove any traces of charcoal powder that may linger.

10.It minimizes dandruff and aids in scalp healing.

Dandruff is frequently triggered oily, irritated skin and/or fungal infections. These conditions can be resolved using activated charcoal. Simply rub the activated charcoal tablets into the scalp prior to shampoo application or one can mix the substance with shampoo.

However, if one’s scalp condition or dandruff is a result of dry skin, activated charcoal may not be something that can be of help.

Give It a Try

The wide use of activated charcoal as a beauty solution has made headway for the many who see its significant benefits. If the benefits mentioned is more than enough to convince in giving this organic substance a try, then it’s best to do it while there’s still a chance.

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