Activated Charcoal Water Filters: What Benefits to They Offer?
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Activated Charcoal Water Filters: What Benefits to They Offer?

Drinking clean water is essential for the body to function correctly. Whether it’s by means of digestion to waste removals, water plays a critical role in ensuring a healthy body. Unfortunately, toxins and harmful substances frequently worm their way in waterways, and the into drinking water.

One method that can be done to ensure clean drinking water is by having a charcoal filter water installed. Activated charcoal water filters are some of the most commonly known filters found in today’s homes. They’re organic, clean, and comes with lots of health benefits.

How They Work

Activated charcoal that’s being used in water filters is never the same as the ones used in barbecues. This compound is typically pressed into a hardened block or sold in the form of loose beads.

The activated charcoal is formed through a rigorous high temperature heating process at over a thousand degrees Celsius. The process doesn’t involve any form of oxygen. When the compound is treated using nitrogen and argon, another round of heating is applied.

This time, oxygen and steam are introduced to form a porous structure. The porous nature of this compound is one key element in making the charcoal filter very effective.

Activated charcoal functions by mean of adsorption. Unlike absorption, adsorption attaches the impurities through chemical means. Pores within the charcoal increase its surface by as much as two thousand square meters per gram, hence, enhancing its adsorption capabilities.

One reason why activated charcoal is perfect for water filters is that it’s an organic material that can eliminate toxins found in drinking water, like chlorine and other volatile compounds, without using additional chemicals or removing essential minerals or salts.

Carbon-based impurities found in water are lured to the carbon in activated benefits of charcoal. The attraction instantly bonds them to the pores in charcoal. But keep in mind that there are other compounds that can’t be attracted by carbon. Such compounds can easily pass through the filter.

Since the process could lead to bonds formed between the impurities and charcoal (with the impurities left stuck in the filter), the filter will need to be replaced with a new one once the pores are filled up.

The good news is, preserving and replacing the filters are simple and very cheap to do. It’s one big reason why activated charcoal water filters are popular in most homes.

Benefits of Charcoal Water Filters

1.They preserve the good minerals.

Drinking water is more than just a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen. It also contains other minerals, not to mention impurities and harmful chemicals, that make up the composition of water. While a majority of water filters are effective enough in eliminating impurities through chemical or mechanical means, they also happen to remove ions and minerals that are healthy for the body.

Because of the structure and composition of an activated benefits of charcoal, water filters can lure and take in unhealthy compounds, while leaving the rest of the minerals within the water. Sadly, they can’t remove microorganisms or pathogens. That’s why charcoal filters are partnered with another filter.

2.They make the water cleaner and healthier.

Charcoal filters not only remove harmful components from drinking water, but they can put things back to the liquid to make it healthier. Activated charcoal brings in essential minerals, like iron, magnesium, and calcium back in the water to enhance water quality.

 3.They significantly improve the flavor of water.

A majority people of don’t favor the taste of tap water since it gives off a metallic taste. Others are easily put off by its foul odor. The taste is frequently a result of additives, like chlorine, which are included in tap water to destroy pathogens and bacteria present.

While this is important to protect the health of the public, it would push people to avoid drinking tap water. This can put them at risk for dehydration or worse, purchasing bottled water, which can be harmful to the environment.

Activated charcoal filters aren’t just capable of adsorbing harmful chemicals, but they do a good job at eliminating odors too. As a result, drinking water is a lot more palatable.

4.They’re affordable.

A majority of water filtrations systems today are pricey, although they’re worth the long-term investment. However, activated charcoal benefits are cheaper to make and the savings continue to be passed down to the consumer.

5.They’re simple enough to maintain.

While water filters will need replacing once the charcoal is used up, replacing them with new parts are inexpensive, simple to procure, and easy to set up. If one isn’t sure when to have the filter replaced, observe the water clarity, see if the water tastes differently, or check if there’s a decrease in the flow rate. If one observes any of these instances, it may be swap for a new filter.

A Popular and Healthy Option

Water filters that come with activated charcoal are popular in the market for a very good reason. The compound has a plenty of health and economic benefits for the long term. If one has yet to give an activated charcoal benefits water filter, give a try at home, and experience the difference.


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