Activated Charcoal: The Best Bodywash Brands Today
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Activated Charcoal: The Best Bodywash Brands Today

While it may seem as if it would be something that one would use to fire up their grill in a summer cookout, activated charcoal is quickly becoming a popular trend for “detoxing.”

The compound is essentially made from carbon-based component, such as wood or coconut shells, that have been heated at extremely high temperatures to produce charcoal. The charcoal is then “oxidized” to make it “activated.”

Activated charcoal has millions of holes in its surface. It has a high surface area that makes it highly porous. Such sponge-like property enables it soak in a wide range of chemicals. It’s one big reason why people see the compound in filtration products. Among these are water filters.

Main Uses

Activated charcoal has long been used in the field of medicine for treating accidental food/chemical poisoning or a drug overdose. Promptly administering the compound at proper doses helps it bind to specific chemicals or drugs, which leads minimizes body absorption, and reducing harmful effects on the body.

For the past few years, many are rapidly seeing an increase in health products containing activated charcoal. Manufacturers are aggressively making health-benefitting claims to minimize gas and bloating, cleansing the internal system, and keeping teeth white.

So far, there has yet been an official study done to support such claims.

What’s more, the charcoal content being added to “detox juices” may appear visually-appealing at best for some since they believe it’s only boosting the marketing value of the compound.

Charcoal and Health

Activated charcoal and the positive effects it brings are severely limited to the gut. No matter how aggressive the marketing can be, some believe that the “detox juice” may not be enough in absorbing harmful chemical from other bodily areas. At this point, there’s little to support that consuming drinks containing charcoal could be helpful or a benefit for the long term.

Additionally, the idea that one may require further support to help the body eliminate toxins daily may not be believable for some. For an average healthy individual, detoxification can be done naturally and effectively by the body through organs such as the liver and kidneys. Some feel detox isn’t about taking in detox smoothies, supplements, or juices.

But if one happens to be on a prescription medication, it’s advisable to curb or at least consume the compound with caution. This is due to the fact that the activated charcoal may render the medication less effective.

Charcoal-Based Bodywash

There are numerous bodywash brands available in the market that are being brought to the market every several months. A majority of them contain certain unique features that only some are keenly aware of.

With that in mind, if one decides to go for any charcoal-based bodywash, there may be some issues that one will have to live with if the wrong product is chosen.

With so many charcoal-based bodywash brands found in today’s market, going for the ideal one can be a tough task. But from the number of products tried and tested by some experts, there have been some standouts worth nothing.

It’s best to pay attention to the users or experts who have tried different bodywashes as they tend to be the people who know which ones are worthy and which ones aren’t worth using. They’re also the kind who would do in-depth research and gain first-hand experience to using the products.

Products to Recommend

Here are some ideal charcoal-based bodywash products recommended by experts and a majority of users:

1.Dr. Woods Raw African Black Liquid Bodywash with Organic Shea Butter

This product is one perfect natural wonder capable of lifting away dead skin cells. It does its job in ensuring a smooth, healthy, and hydrated skin. The formula used by the product involves a mild exfoliant paired with a potent, anti-acne cleanser that refreshes the skin without involving harmful detergents or unhealthy additives.

Dr. Woods Raw African Liquid Bodywash is made from a thicker formula, which can be utilized at full strength. Thanks to concoction, one can use it directly on their hands or wash cloth without having to worry about wasted fluid running down the drain.

The product’s bodywash line comes in a few delectable scents: peppermint, coconut papaya, or without any scent. These scents are more than enough to cater one’s daily needs.

The item is made from a combination of shea butter, palm oil, and plantain skins.

Dr. Woods Raw African Liquid Bodywash is filled with skin-nourishing ingredients such as iron, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E. Such formulation makes it a perfect all-around cleanser for both the body and the face.  What’s more, it’s purely “vegan” certified.

2.Natural Body Wash with Activated Coconut Charcoal

Use this product while showering and be amazed for a complete transformation on the body and face. This is one particular bodywash that’s unlike any other in the today’s beauty market. The Natural Body Wash with Activated Coconut Charcoal helps detoxify one’s skin while moisturizing and exfoliating it at the same time.

The result of using it is a clean, transparent, hydrated, and soft skin. This is because the manufacturer behind the product included a host of ingredients that make it a worthwhile use.

The coconut charcoal ingredient helps extract toxins from the skin, free up clogged pores, and eradicate impurities responsible for making one’s appearance dirty. Its white lava volcanic minerals exfoliate dead skin to unearth smooth and soft skin.

Thanks to its aloe vera component, the skin gets the moisture it needs to lock everything in.

Essentially, the product detoxifies, exfoliates, and moisturizes.  This ensures one of guaranteed results whenever they step out of the shower.


It’s imperative to talk to the doctor prior to using this product especially if one is taking medications, pregnant, or breastfeeding. Keep in mind that activated charcoal binds easily to nutrients, vitamins, and medications.

If one is taking activated charcoal internally, it’s important to take it on an empty stomach a few hours before any meal.

If one believes they’re poisoned or are feeling critically ill, don’t hesitate to go to the clinic, or directly contact a healthcare provider or doctor.

Things to Keep in Mind

When looking for a bodywash containing activated charcoal, check and see if the charcoal made is sourced from organic coconut shells or an identified species of wood. One notable wood, Binchotan, is a naturally grown Japanese Ubame oak, is deemed as one of the best woods for making activated charcoal.

Always make it a habit to keep any activated charcoal product sealed since it easily absorbs any impurities on the surface and air.  Ensure that each product doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients or sweeteners since this could make bodywash ineffective.

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