Activated Charcoal for Teeth Benefits
Activated Charcoal for Teeth Benefits

Activated charcoal has many benefits on your body and skin, and also your teeth. If you want to take care of your teeth better, activated charcoal can take your oral care a step further. Here are four oral benefits that you should take advantage of with Actinera® Activated Charcoal Pearly Powder.

Whitens teeth

Activated charcoal is known to whiten teeth because of its ability to draw out surface stains. It’s highly adsorptive, capable of getting stains from food, tobacco, and wine. It may be shocking at first because activated charcoal turns your mouth into one black orifice. Once you spit it out, however, all that stain that the activated charcoal was able to gather comes along with it. With regular use, you’ll be able to see whiter teeth and a bright, engaging smile.

Freshens breath

Each time you eat, food and bacteria can lodge between teeth with every chew, causing bad breath. There even food items like garlic, ginger, and onions that can also stick to your breath no matter how hard you brush. Simple brushing is not enough to get all that debris and odor out. Activated charcoal can help remove debris between teeth, preventing bacteria from feasting on them and multiplying. Any spicy odor left in your mouth will wash out after a minute or two of brushing with activated charcoal.

Reduces the incidence of plaque

Food debris left in your mouth from carbs and sugars can increase the acidity in your mouth and cause plaque. One of the recommended ways to reduce plaque on your teeth is to take anti-bacterial mouth rinse. However, what if mouth rinses are too strong for you and irritate your mouth? Actinera® Activated Charcoal Pearly Powder contains zero alcohol and can balance the acidity in your mouth, promoting the growth of good bacteria. Activated charcoal also has anti-bacterial properties that can help eliminate harmful bacteria that cause plaque.

Helps prevent cavities

Bacteria and plaque are the leading causes of cavities. When plaque sticks to the base of your teeth, it’s a wonderful hotel for bacteria to stay and have a party. Next thing you know, that plaque will increase in size, become tartar, turn black and bore deep into your teeth. You wake up with pain in your mouth, and your dentist will say you developed cavities. Because activated charcoal helps remove plaque and bacteria, you lessen the worry of losing a tooth due to cavities.

Activated charcoal has many benefits when it comes to oral care. It does take some getting used to since all of us enjoy the minty fresh feeling of toothpaste. To help you with your minty fix, Actinera® Activated Charcoal Pearly Powder comes with a minty flavor so you won’t feel too uncomfortable brushing your teeth.

You can use Actinera® Activated Charcoal Pearly Powder almost every day, provided that you use a soft-bristled toothbrush and you sweep it on your teeth in a gentle, circular motion. Never force the activated charcoal on your teeth because it is still considered abrasive. Also, caution is advised when you have crowns, veneers, and dentures. They can stain the surface, and the whitening action of activated charcoal can interfere with the color matching of your veneer or crown.

Try out Actinera® Activated Charcoal Pearly Powder now and experience the best natural care you can give to your pearly whites.

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