Activated Charcoal: Detoxifying and Purifying the Skin and Hair
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Activated Charcoal: Detoxifying and Purifying the Skin and Hair

These days, it’s very much possible to detoxify and purify one’s skin using activated charcoal uses. Adding charcoal to one’s hair and face may not seem appealing at first, but it’s been proven to have plenty of aesthetic and health advantages when utilized in a proper and safe manner.

Beneficial Black Ingredient

What was once a myth is now true: everyone can now use activated charcoal uses on their skin and hair. There’s a good reason why this came to be the case. More people are benefitting from the results of incorporating activated charcoal in their daily beauty routine.

There’s a mechanism involved. Since toxins have a tendency to bind themselves to activated charcoal, it makes for a fantastic detoxifier and deep cleanser. It’s made from natural components and doesn’t involve new additives or chemicals when applied to the skin and hair.

Here are some great methods for using activated charcoal for one’s skin and hair:

1.It helps create smaller pores.

Each day, toxins from the environment are constantly clogging the pores (it’s hard to believe but it’s true: air pollution is actually doing more damage to the skin than not). When pores don’t appear clear, neither is one’s skin complexion. Activated how to use activated charcoal — when utilized correctly with a face mask – helps attract dirt and extracts it from the pores, which will make them appear less visible.

As a result, the face will be left fresh and clean. One can utilize an exfoliating scrub to remove the dead skin and even experience an even cleaner, deeper skin.

2.It keeps the oily skin balanced.

If one is constantly dealing with oily skin, then activated charcoal may be that ingredient to keep things balanced. Utilized in either a facial mask or facial cleanser, activated charcoal can extract excess oils that will help leave one’s skin clean and smooth.

One may want to do this sparingly — around once or twice weekly – so that the skin won’t be dried out completely. If one is suffering from dry skin then it’s recommended to stay away from this for such application.

3.It can help treat acne.

Depending on the severity of acne as well as its trigger and other factors involved, how to use activated charcoal can be of great help. When it’s in the form of soap, it has a bit of a gritty feel, which may offer some much-needed exfoliation. It’s also capable of taking in toxins and oils located below and above the skin. It can be utilized for spot-on treatment if one doesn’t need it for the entire face. Picture it as a miniature mask that can conceal one’s blemish.

4.It deep cleans the skin.

 One can spot cleaners consisting of activated charcoal in just about any pharmacy these days. Some of them may be a bit more powerful compared to others, but it’s advised to not use these ones on a daily basis. The reason is because they have a tendency to take in moisture and other healthy oils needed by the skin.

It’s imperative to check out other ingredients if one intends to purchase a liquid cleanser. Some are made to help neutralize the skin’s acidity while others are known for their deodorizing effect. Others even function as a shaving cream.

Stick with a product that can fit one’s needs and follow the instructions as indicated on the bottle. Then Follow up the cleanser with a hydrating facial mask (it’s advised to opt for a mask made from oat flour.

5.It relieves skin irritations, cuts, and bites.

Whether one is stung or has received an infected cut, activated charcoal can be useful. The substance can hasten the healing process and helps provide relief from symptoms. For those dealing with minor skin problems (including cuts, scrapes, small infections, stings, and bites), activated charcoal can be applied directly on the skin.

When how to make activated charcoal is directly applied in the form of a paste, the substance will immediately take in any infection and/or venom present in the body. It’ll also lead to a decrease in swelling and pain.

To make an activated charcoal paste, add in water to the pre-made activated charcoal powder. Then mix it thoroughly to ensure its consistency is spreadable.

6.It eradicates toxins from the hair.

A shampoo which has activated charcoal as the main ingredient can help detoxify the hair by gently attracting oil, which can easily be washed off. Since the shampoo itself is gentle, it won’t take away the moisture from the hair. It’s recommended to use both shampoo and conditioner with activated charcoal. Both of these can be found in mass retailers.

7.It adds volume to the hair.

If one is carrying enough oil and dirt, the hair will end up sagging. Even using regular shampoo may not be sufficient to remove them. As a matter of fact, hair can gain a few percentages weight from build-up consisting of dry shampoo, scalp oils, and pollution.

Typical shampoos can effectively eradicate dirt, but how to make activated charcoal can do a better job in extracting more. Another major difference is that activated charcoal won’t leave any reside compared to some shampoos. So, expect the hair to have more volume while feeling lighter.

8.It treats serious scalp conditions.

Itchiness, excess oils, redness, and dandruff on the scalp can relieved using activated charcoal. One can utilize it for treating scalp conditions before using shampoo. It can also be used in conjunction with shampoo. The activated charcoal will function on the scalp like it would do to one’s hair and skin: extracting toxins and purification. It’s still not clear the how effective and deep within the hair follicle is being cleaned. Either way, the results should be noticeable.

A Natural, Long-Term Solution

Nowadays, people are making use of food-grade activated charcoal to detox. These are often seen in juiced drinks (ex. lemonade flavored with activated charcoal) and supplements. It’s even being utilized to help whiten teeth. Aside from these, the substance can also be used to benefit one’s skin and hair. So, if one is in serious need of an organic product that can effectively clean and remove unwanted substances from the hair, it’s a no-brainer to give activated charcoal a try.

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