5 Benefits of Activated Charcoal Mask for Men
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5 Benefits of Activated Charcoal Mask for Men

Activated charcoal masks take your skin routine to another level. It helps you get that best look you need for meetings, conferences, and most especially dates. Here are the best benefits of activated charcoal for men that will make it a staple in your skin care regimen.

Deep cleansing

Activated charcoal is known for its deep cleansing properties. It’s a strong detoxing material because of its ability to draw out dirt and toxins like a magnet. Actinera® Deep Pore-Suction Mask penetrates deep right down to your pores, removing any dirt that is just sitting there after you spent a day in the office, or after a good workout at the gym.

Ever notice that you have to scrub hard to get all of that oily, grimy feeling off your face? With Actinera® Deep Pore-Suction Mask, there’s no need for you to spend extra time in scrubbing off dirt. Apply the mask after washing your face and do your thing for the next 10-16 minus until it dries. When you peel off the mask, all that dirt, dust, grime, and oil will come along with it.

Oil removal

Hormones, physical activity, as well as your environment can cause hypersecretion of oil glands, creating a shiny, unsightly film on the surface of your skin. When you use activated charcoal peel off mask regularly, you help eliminate all any excess oil without vigorously scrubbing your face with soap and cleansers. The adsorptive properties of activated charcoal help draw out excess oil from your skin as it dry. The result is a clean fresh look that will boost your confidence throughout the day.


Dull, lifeless skin can be due to poor diet, illness, or accumulation of dead skin cells. These inert particles are also the main culprit for acne breakouts when they become embedded too deep in your pores. Actinera® Deep Pore-Suction Mask carefully lifts off dead skin layer by layer with each use, leaving behind smooth, glowing skin.

Calming, soothing effect on skin – and you

Actinera® Deep Pore-Suction Mask contains anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe and calm inflamed, tender acne. As it draws out impurities, the mask also takes out toxins that are causing redness and irritation.

An added plus to Actinera® Deep Pore-Suction Mask is it contains peppermint leaf extract. Peppermint is known to help relieve stress and treat mental fatigue. Because the mask should stay undisturbed until it dries, you have to sit down and relax. Enjoy a good book or play your favorite video game. Let the mask do its thing and let it suck out all the stress of the day.

Prepares your skin for better care

When your skin is clear and dead skin is kept to a bare minimum, your cells are now open for more TLC. Moisturizers, toners, and anti-acne agents can penetrate deep into your skin because nothing is stopping them from doing their work. You’ll notice that you don’t need to apply too much product to treat your skin blemishes.

You will start to feel Actinera® Deep Pore-Suction Mask action as it dries up. It’s going to be a bit painful to remove, especially if it’s your first time to use an activated charcoal peel off mask. They are known to be harder to peel off compared to other masks, but the results are well worth it. You will see all that dirt, oil, blackheads and whiteheads sticking to the mask.

Men also need to take care of their skin. You’ll see that you’re less prone to breakouts, and you don’t have to worry about looking oily and poorly groomed.

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